DLL's Inclement Weather Policy

Ensuring the safety of all participants!

Updated Saturday March 9, 2019 by Downtown Little League.

Please review DLL's Inclement Weather Protocol:

  • During the week, the League will make best efforts to communicate practice/game cancellations by 2 pm 
  • On Saturday and Sunday, the League will make best efforts to communicate practice/game cancellations by 7 am

Status will be determined based on the following:

  • TEMPERATURE - if the real feel/wind chill temperature is projected to be below 40 degrees at the start of a practice or game, the League will cancel all activities for players/divisions 12 and under.  For Baseball this includes our Rookies 5 through Majors divisions and for Softball this includes our Junior Minors through Majors divisions.  Juniors and Seniors Baseball and Softball will be at the discretion of the Division Coordinators and team managers, although the League reserves the right to unilaterally cancel practices/games when it believes it is in the best interests of the participants. 
  • The League will use the link below as the official temperature source 

The official temperature gauge of Downtown Little League 

  • PRECIPITATION - Our turf fields drain very well and enable us to play immediately after heavy rainfalls.  We do not have the same luxury with our natural grass fields.  During the week, all practices are on turf fields.  On the weekends, certain divisions have games on natural grass fields.  During periods of rain, the League will assess weather forecast and field conditions to determine if it is safe to conduct practices/games.  Should it start raining during a practice or game, it will be up to umpires on whether to continue play.  In the event that an umpire suspends a game, all activities must cease.

This weather policy is designed to ensure the safety of all DLL participants.  Coaches are requested NOT to exercise discretion that is in violation of League policy.  This includes organizing optional, informal activities at the fields that would likely be considered a team function.