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Coaches, Parents, and Players,


The softball coaching and skills resources linked on this page are some of the best available in the sport of fast pitch softball (and baseball) in the world. Much of the content is shared free of charge by other coaches from various levels including college, professional, and MLB who are passionate about growing the game, giving back, and making the sport better. We encourage you to use and learn as much as you like and hope that it helps on your journey in this great sport.


"Always compare anything anyone tells you about hitting (pitching, fielding, etc) to lots of slow motion video of the best in the world." - Hanson principle


General Coaching

  1. Life in the Fastpitch Lane - Blog about various coaching topics and skills by Ken Krause, a longtime softball coach
  2. ABCA Podcasts - Free weekly podcast with various college and professional coaches on various topics in baseball from offense, defense to mental game and athlete development
  3. Changing the Game Project - Blog and information on becoming a better and more effective coach


Practice Plans

  1. Junior Minors Practice Plans - Weekly practice plan and drills developed for tee ball that can be adapted and used for Junior Minor softball. Video of drills are at the bottom of the page in this link.
  2. Minors Practice Plans - Weekly practice plan and drills developed for coach pitch baseball that can be adapted and used for Minors softball



  1. Important Points About Softball Pitching - 3 videos that give some of simplest but most important points about pitching that many instructors don't understand by Rich Balswick, an All American mens fastpitch pitcher
  2. Pitching Misnomers -
  3. Pitching Basics from House of Pitching - Some free & easy to learn/understand videos by Bill Hillhouse, a well known international mens faspitch softball pitcher & instructor
  4. Slow Motion Pitching Videos - provided courtesy of Rick Pauly, pitching coach for USC Upstate, Univ of Georgia, and Team USA
  5. Introduction to Internal Rotation - Key to understanding how softball pitching actually works with regards to arm rotation
  6. Understanding Movement Pitch Releases - Video examples of release and grip for various movement pitches
  7. Tichner Pitching Weekly Blog - Covers more of the mental side and process of pitching improvements, by Denny Tichner
  8. Paisley Pitching - Lots of great drills daily and online lessons available at



  1. High Level Throwing Manual - Guide on proper throwing mechanics and basic arm care prepared by Austin Wasserman for DLL softball with videos & voiceover instruction
  2. Pitching GIFs - Online library of pitching / throwing motion of hundreds of baseball pitchers maintained by Rob Friedman. Good for seeing the mechanics and how the hardest throwers throw.



  1. FridayFielders - By Kainoa Correa, Minor League Infield coach for the Cleveland Indians, who presents great examples of drills and throw catch routine to incorpoarte into practice warmups and how they translate into game results. The ABCA presentation is praticularly insightful.
  2. Morgan Stuart Defense & Agility - Former University of Washing infielder Morgan Stuart provides many examples of infield and throwing drills for softball, suitable for variety of ages. Can also follow her instagram for more content.
  3. Trotsky Baseball - Fielding drills and explanations by Nate Trotsky, a nationally reknowned fileding instructor
  4. Winning Baseball - Fielding drills and warmup throwing routines presented by Trent Mongero and Boston Red Sox hitting coach Tim Hyers. Particularly, see video on "20 most important minutes of practice." Accompanying description is here.
  5. JT Maguire - Assistant Baseball Coach at Lander University who offers a ton of free drills in developing outfielders
  6. Fielding Video Library - Clips of throwing and fielding in normal speed and slow motion of different types of plays.



  1. Catching Video Library - Good and bad examples of catchers receiving & throwing to various bases by Coach Michael Lonsdale
  2. Jen Schro Catching - Former UCLA catcher Jen Schroeder shows and presents catching drills and competitions used to develop numerous college level catchers. Follow her instagram for more content as well
  3. Cox Softball Training - Softball catcher specific training by Kristen Cox, remote and online training available



  1. Softball Hitting GIFS - Video library of College and Olympic softball hitters from multiple angles, drills, and baseball vs softball swing comparisons. Courtesy of Carlton Sanders, Assistant Softball Coach at UTSA and past volunteer assistant for Florida State.
  2. Pattern & Sequence - Video library with examples of hitter's movements separated into pre pitch release and post pitch release for better understanding of proper timing courtesy of @noontimebaseball. Main GIF library here or at the website.
  3. Lind & Hyatt Hitting Library - Largest online collection of hitting resources and video clips of MLB baseball swings from multiple angles sorted by hitter and pitch type. Made possible by hard work of Dustin Lind, Seattle Mariners Minor League Quality Assurance coach, and Craig Hyatt.
  4. Cody Atkinson Resources - Collection of drills/videos for hitting as well as catching, infield play, charts, workouts, and mental game, etc. Made possible by Cody Atkinson, Assistant Baseball Coach at UT Rio Valley Grande
  5. MPI Softball - Presents great video and breakdowns of high level softball swings, presented by Daniel Nicolaisen, assistant at Seton Hall
  6. StanceDoctor -
  7. BaseballRebellion -



  1. Softball Strength Academy - Run by two former Alabama players Cassie Reilly-Boccia and Ryan Iamurri, offers great content on slapping and general hitting


General Skills

  1. The Packaged Deal -
  2. Softball University -
  3. Coaches Directory Drill Collection - Full of up to date content/drills from college softball
  4. One Softball - Free softball resources developed and compiled by Sue Enquist, Hall of Fame UCLA softball coach
  5. National Coaching Clinics - Coaching clinic videos by Canada baseball presented by Major & Minor League baseball coaches. Extremely detailed and comprehensive
  6. Johnny Wholestaff - Compilation of free coaching resources by a number of college and amateur coaches. Includes drills, game charts, practice plans, and more!
  7. USA Baseball Free Course Catalog - Coaching resources developed by USA baseball
  8. Little League University - Coaching resources developed by little league
  9. USA Baseball High School Baseball Coaching Manual -
  10. USA Baseball Mobile Coach - Free tool from USA baseball with drills and practice plans
  11. USA Baseball Amateur Resource Center - Tons of free resources & content for parents & coaches


Softball Equipment

We are not affiliated or endorsed by any of the retailers listed. They are listed because they either offer great value on softball equipment or have a very comprehensive catalog.

  1. Closeoutbats - A great retailer located right on the other side of the river in NJ. Can get 1-2 day delivery and always offers great deals on bats.
  2. Bat Digest - Independent review of bats & other softball equipment

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