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DLL Safety Plan 2018

Qualified Safety Plan Requirements

            League President – Andrew Zelter

            League Safety Officere – Todd Stanley

Emergency Number - 911

DLL’s BPC and Pier 40 Piers also have additional support through Allied Universal and HRPT Security

DLL submits an ASAP to Little League via Data Center

DLL has contracted a new service to conduct Background checks on all volunteers

Coach training – DLL held a number of PCA and skills workshops that were available to Coaches, Players and Parents

First Aid training – In connection with NYC Parks Dept, a number of DLL managers went through a formal 4 hour training program and received 2 year certification that runs through 2019.  The League also provided AED devices to teams that play pursuant to NYC Parks permits.  DLL’s fields at BPC and Pier 40 also have AED devices on premise with first-aid trained resources

DLL instituted concussion protocol and included specific language in rules that were provided to Baseball divisions

DLL reduced pitch count for the first few weeks of the season to mitigate risk of arm injury.  The League also requests pitch counts from outside DLL activity and when available combines with DLL pitches for purposes of pitch counts

DLL instituted a temperature policy that practices and games cannot begin if “real feel” temperature is below 45 degrees.  During games, this is at the umpire's discretion.  This was messaged out League-wide and an section was created on the League website for reference purposes

DLL inspected all fields before the start of the season

DLL completed the 2018 Facility on-line

DLL inspected equipment in connection with distribution of team equipment bags

DLL provided each baseball team with at least one Little League compliant bat and actively messaged the bat rule changes to all DLL families.  Additionally, information was posted on the DLL homepage.

DLL installed a temporary fence at the BPC fields and secured the fence with a protective cap to mitigate risk of injury

DLL worked with BPCA staff to replace padding and nets at the BPC fields

DLL worked with BPCA staff to incorporate additional padding on the backstops as a safety measure

DLL requires that all spectators observe games from the upper terrace of the BPC fields as a safety measure

DLL has advised all coaches to report on-field accidents

DLL provides first aid kits to all teams to keep in their equipment bags

DLL reinforces application of all Little League and local rules.  DLL provides official Little League Rule books to each team as well as laminated copies of local rules to keep in equipment bags

DLL instituted a hit by pitcher rule requiring removal of pitcher after 2 hit batters in the same inning

DLL instituted a policy of preventing practice swings by players other than while standing at home plate.  An automatic out is applied if violated

DLL submits registration and player data via Little League Data Center


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