Softball Playing in NYC High School

Updated Friday November 30, 2018 by Downtown Little League.

Downtown Little League Softball has grown to over 200 girls this season. With 2 NY State Little League Championships in 2014 and players earning accolades throughout High School Teams, DLL Softball has become one of the preeminent leagues in all of New York City. If your daughter(s) choose to play softball in High School, it is very likely she will be one of the most skilled and knowledgeable on the team.
Parents of DLL High School Players can't emphasize enough the benefits of playing competitive team sports in High School. It can be extremely valuable to your daughter's High School experience on many levels beyond the obvious social and fitness aspects. Moreover, many studies show that girls playing competitive team sports in High School can have a far-reaching impact into college and work life.
The problem for middle school athletes in NYC, both male and certainly female, is that there is little information available regarding the breadth of competitive athletic opportunities in High School.  If your daughter(s) has an interest in competitive athletics in High School, we strongly that recommend to include exploration into High School Divisions and Teams as part of your daughter's process in choosing a High School.
To that end, DLL Softball players, parents and coaches would like to be a resource by shedding some light on the structure of Public, Private and Catholic High School Competitive Team Sports, and helping to provide access to more information about the High School Opportunities.  
Following is a current list of High Schools our current DLL players are attending. If you would like to get more information on any of the school teams, please reach out and let us know. We would be happy to provide more information and even connect you to the coach at some of the schools. In addition, many of our DLL High School Softball players participate in other sports besides softball such as soccer, volleyball and basketball. Accordingly, it is likely they can provide inside information on other sports at their schools. Email us here.
For Spring 2018 Season, our girls attend the following high schools:
  • Baruch College Campus High School
  • Beacon High School
  • Berkley Carroll
  • Brooklyn Tech High School
  • Churchill School & Center
  • Clinton School
  • East Harlem High School
  • Eleanor Roosevelt High School
  • Fiorello Laguardia High School
  • Friends Seminary
  • Lab Museum United High School
  • Millennium High School
  • NEST
  • Notre Dame School
  • Poly Prep High School
  • School of the Future
  • Stuyvesant High School

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