Softball Volunteer Coach Information

Updated Thursday December 6, 2018 by Downtown Little League.

Become A Volunteer Softball Coach!


The softball program's success within Manhattan and New York City is due to its volunteers. Aside from the outstanding parent volunteers, we've had alot of success with non-parent volunteers in our league, including several who serve on the league's Board of Directors. We're always looking for new volunteer coaches for softball, particularly those who with experience playing or coaching sports at the college level and beyond. We can help you find the right role with our various programs and teams depending on your schedule and availability.


Currently, we have an emphasis and focus on finding more female volunteer softball coaches who can teach the game and serve as role models for the girls in our program. We firmly believe that this plays a critical role in impacting the perceptions and future aspirations of our girls and how they see and understand leadership in the world. Over the long term, we aspire to achieve at least a 50-50 gender split of coaches.


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If you're interested in becoming a volunteer softball coach with Downtown Little League or discussing how you can help, please contact us by clicking here and we will get back to you.