2019 DLL PCA Award Winners!

Triple-Impact Competitors and Double-Goal Coaches

Updated Monday June 24, 2019 by Downtown Little League.

Downtown Little League is committed to the principles of Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA), which emphasize:  

A Double-Goal Coach is one which emphasizes striving to win (one goal), while also pursuing the more-important goal of teaching life lessons through sports (second goal)

A Triple-Impact Competitor is an athlete who works to improve oneself, teammates, and the game as a whole

The DLL Board is so very thankful for our many DLL Coach volunteers and so proud of all of our DLL Players, and it is particularly gratifying to see them recognize and appreciate one another at the end of a long and successful season.  

We would like to congratulate our 2019 DLL PCA Award Winners:

Triple-Impact Competitors

Isabella Brady - Softball Juniors Downtown Green
Lily Hirschson - Softball Majors Longhorns
Trevor Moskowitz - Baseball AA Minors Hooks
Harrison Pratt - Baseball Juniors Blue
Kate Stanley - Softball Majors Huskies
Quinn Stanley - Softball Majors Huskies & Baseball Majors Browns

Double-Goal Coaches

Lou Cortes - Softball Minors Sooners
Liz Johnson - Softball Junior Minors Gophers 
Jason Moskowitz - Baseball AA Minors Hooks
Rich Wesolowski - Softball Majors Wildcats
Brent Wyso - Baseball Majors Senators & Softball Minors Wolverines

Being a Triple-Impact Competitor is not easy and is not simply about being the best player on a team. Being a Double-Goal Coach is equally difficult and is not simply about wins and losses.  We thank you all for your sportsmanship and for the commitment you have shown to Honor the Game!