Fast Pitch Softball

Updated Tuesday November 29, 2016 by Downtown Little League.

Divisions/Team Formation:

Downtown Little League's Fast Pitch Softball Division is one of the premier Little League Softball programs in the State of New York.  We follow National Little League Fast Pitch rules and guidelines to ensure fast moving, fun and exciting games. 


Players are placed into divisions based on (1) their "Little League age" which is the player's age as of December 31st of the prior completed calendar year  (before the upcoming Spring season) and (2) their skill level.  Social rostering requests are taken into consideration in drafting teams for the minors and juniors minors division, but are not guaranteed.  

Junior Minors Softball

The Junior Minors Division is an Instructional Division for girls who are in Kindergarten through 2nd grade.  A child must have turned 5 yrears old, by 12/31 preceeding the Spring season, in order to be eligible. Juniors Minors players participate in a combine on Fridays.  On Saturdays, each team has a 1 hour hard stop game followed (or preceded) by a 1 hour team practice. 


The Minors Division is an Intermediate Division for girls Little League age 7 -11. The games are 100% kid pitch, and the players range in grades 2nd to 5th.  Second grade girls who wish to play minors are expected to have 1 year of experience playing in Junior Minors Softball OR in JML Baseball.

Minors players participate in the Minors Combine Practice on Fridays at 4 PM.  This is a practice for the entire Minors Softball Division as a group, and is led by professional coaches. After the Combine Practice, the girls separate into a team practice.  Games are typically on Friday nights or Saturdays.

The Minors Season concludes with a Minors Division Playoff and Championship.  

Pitching distance is 35 feet. A regulation 11" ball is used.


The Majors Division is a Competitive Division for girls who are Little League Age 9 -12.  The Majors players are generally in grades 5th to 7th.  Advanced level offensive and defensive concepts are introduced.  Practices are Friday nights.  Games are Friday night or Saturday.

The Majors Season concludes with a Majors Division Playoff and Championship.  

Pitching distance is 40 feet. Majors use a regulation 12”  ball.

Juniors – Seniors

The Juniors and Seniors Division is a Competitive Division and for ages 13-18. Players are 8th graders through High School Seniors.  The skill-level of the players ranges from intermediate to advance.  

The players represent Downtown Little League in games against other Little Leagues in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx or Queens.  

Practices are Friday nights.  Games are Saturday or Sundays and will include travel within NYC.  

The season concludes with an Inter-League Juniors & Seniors Play-off and Championship.


DLL Softball offers a Tuesday evening practice for pitchers and catchers at the Stuyvessant High School Gym.  Practices begin late November.  They end at the beginning of March.  The pitching / catching practice is free and voluntary to all registered DLL Fast Pitch Softball players. 

Please check the Facebook page for updates and further information.

Summer & Fall

There are plenty of opportunities to play Fast Pitch Softball in the Summer & Fall. Please follow the Facebook Page or feel free to inquire directly.

All Star Tournament Teams

All Star Teams are selected from our Minors, Majors and Juniors girls to represent Downtown Little League.  The teams play to win our Little League Manhattan District 23, the New York Little League Section 5, the New York State Championship, the East Regional, and finally the World Series Championship.  

Please inquire if your daughter has an interest in trying out for Downtown Little League's post-season tournament teams. Teams are not selected until June 15th.