Challenger Division Summary

Updated Tuesday April 12, 2011 by Downtown Little League.

The most exciting and inspiring baseball is played every Saturday morning when our challenger division kids compete together on the north field at our Battery Park City Ball FIelds. These children, who prior to 2007 never had the opportunity to participate in the Downtown Little League, now come out to show their enthusiasm and baseball spirit on the field, with the help of parents, NYU volunteers, DLL coaches and players from other divisions.  Under the guidance of Paul Colliton, a longtime Tribeca resident, an avid baseball fan, and the father of an Autistic child, this league has flourished for the last four years.  Last year 27 kids, mostly autistic, and some with multiple diagnosis, gathered at the BPC fields learning how to hit, run and be the member of a team. While the kids are playing, their parents have the opportunity to take some time off, enjoy the game and socialize with neighbors andfriends.  Many, of course, can't resist the temptation, and get right into the action running around the bases with the kids or just having a catch in the outfield.  DLL strongly encourages players from its older baseball and softball divisions to assist on the field, either by showing a challenger player how to hold the bat, run around the bases, or simply how to cheer on their teammates.  The combination of children helping each other and getting involved in the action is priceless to watch and a must see for all DLL players, parents and coaches.